Phone:  (540) 288-9000

On the first day of instruction, an experienced driving instructor will assess
your driving skills.  Beyond teaching the basic driving skills, the instructor
will focus on your greatest challenges identified from the assessment.   If
you have never driven, you'll start by learning  the basic skills and progress
until you are ready to take the
Road Skills Test.

Lessons cover:
  • Basic skills to prepare, start, drive, and stop a car
  • Backing/driving in reverse
  • Parking, including perpendicular and parallel
  • Changing lanes
  • Turning and passing
  • Driving on different roads and conditions, including highways, rural roads, in
    curves, intersections, parking lots, and in traffic
  • Following traffic signs and rules
  • Proper following distance, entering and exiting roads, use of signals, control of
    speed, and responding to emergencies and other situations.
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